2 995,- per piece / 5 990,- per pair

Design High-definition video has met its match. The Aesthetic Series from Jamo offers a full range of speakers that offer sound as precise and powerful as the look onscreen. The A 500 is an ideal way to integrate brilliant sound with eye-popping visuals. The A 500 has an amazing sound presence—and its ... (more in detail)

Jamo A 500
2 495,- per piece / 4 990,- per pair

The Jamo A 345 I/O is the perfect choice for installing high-quality sound in homes or in commercial environments, indoors or outside. Although these satellite speakers are relatively small, they feature a highly compact, two-way medium sized bass-reflex configuration. A 4” woofer and a 1” tweeter offer superior sound quality and high ... (more in detail)

Jamo A 345 I/O
1 745,- per piece / 3 490,- per pair

  Design Because of their rounded profile, A 320 satellite speakers can be placed almost anywhere: horizontally—or vertically—on a bookshelf, on a wall, in a corner. The only limit is your imagination. Thanks to their ingenious fittings, they can be aimed toward the optimum listening position. Accessories for different placement options are included ... (more in detail)

Jamo A 320
1 990,- per pair

  The A 320 FS is designed specifically for the A 320 and is produced in sturdy aluminum to ensure stable placement. The stands feature our unique cable management system that completely conceals the speaker cables. When mounted on the A 320 FS, the A 320 can be adjusted horizontally.   (more in detail)

Jamo A 320 FS
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