35 490,-

Kompaktní Hi-Fi systém (R-N855 a C-755) s repro Onkyo (D-175); síťové funkce (TuneIn, Google Cast, Spotify, Tidal), Bluetooth, WiFi, AirPlay, FireConnect, DAB+, Hi-Res Audio, VLSC, phono a dig. vstupy, 2xUSB (iPod/iPhone, HDD), Hi-Fi audio konstrukce (more in detail)

15 990,-

  Stream tracks from online music services, relax to an internet radio program, or air your digital music collection with the clarity and assurance of a high-end audio component. With wireless-capable ethernet and optional Bluetooth USB adapter, you can source music from a preloaded selection of online channels—including Spotify, vTuner, and—or stream from your smart phone, PC, tablet, or ... (more in detail)

Onkyo CS-N765
Jamo Onkyo Spectral Real Cable Klipsch Podspeakers Piega Just-Racks
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