Piega TMicro 3

Bookshelf speakers
16 490,- / 18 990,- per pair
(maloobchodní cena)

Basic information

Despite its small dimensions, the newTMicro series has an astonishingly impressive fullbodied
sound. In combination with the classic aluminum cabinet, neodymium dome and precision-tuned frequency crossover, this loudspeaker can be used as a stand-alone system with superb sound quality, inspite of its modest dimensions.


Systém regálová, 2 - pásmová
Výkon (W) 20 - 150
Citlivost (db/W/m) 87
Impedance (Ω) 4
Frekvence(Hz) 60 -22 000
Woofer 1 10 cm MDS bass
Tweeter 1 26 mm LDS dome
Připojení Multi-Connectors
Rozměry (H x W x D)        
19 x 12 x 13 cm
Hmotnost (kg) 2
Provedení aluminum/ black anodized aluminum, white lacquer


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