Real Cable INFINITE II/3M00

3 990,-
(maloobchodní cena)

Basic information

HDMI cable with SafeLock II® system

Tin-plated and 99.99% oxygen free copper (OFC) conductors, very strong section cable, triple shielding,SafeLock® metallic plugs, gold contacts, many available lengths, 1 male HDMI plug / 1 male HDMI plug.
An anti-vibration nylon braid, a braiding of high-density mass, high power twisted pairs ensure excellent transmission quality to achieve a record bitrate of 20.4 GBbits/s. New SafeLock® metallic plugs for a secure connection using screws and perfect durability, featuring a wide compatibility with audio-video devices with the new top or side hook. Everything is brought together to provide the best HDMI connection, and ensure superb picture quality whether in Full HD, in 3D or even in 4K. The sound is not to be outdone with remarkable precision, in Dolby® TrueHD, in DTS-HD™, and even in LPCM (uncompressed sound). Length 3 meters.



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