Piega TMicro 6

57 990,- / 62 990,- per pair
(maloobchodní cena)

Basic information

Despite its small dimensions, the newTMicro series has an astonishingly impressive fullbodied
sound. In combination with the classic aluminum cabinet, neodymium dome and precision-tuned frequency crossover, this loudspeaker can be used as a stand-alone system with superb sound quality, inspite of its modest dimensions.

When it really counts, the TMicro 6 will undoubtedly surprise. It plays music with a smooth splendour and pure vocals. It is hard to find any equals in this category.

The visible components are beautifully designed aluminium columns with aluminium top, discrete base and a high-quality fabric cover, while three MDS basses and an LDS tweeter can be found on the inside. It is also the only TMicro with three bass chassis.

Don't hesitate to select the music depending on your mood and feel free to turn up the volume!



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