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Onkyo PA-MC5501

9-Channel Amplifier
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Basic information

Rather than simply offering raw power, the PA-MC5501 is engineered to deliver superior dynamic response and outstanding signal purity. Onkyo’s highly efficient push-pull amplification and WRAT suite work to minimize interference, stabilize the voltage, and boost the current across the unit’s electrical system. Components such as the toroidal transformer, large capacitors, and heavy-duty transistors are all designed to handle very high loads. Audiophile-grade parts—such as gold-plated speaker posts and XLR inputs—are used throughout. The result? Instantaneous response to signal gains, extremely low levels of distortion through the dynamic range, and the sort warmth and clarity only a top-shelf analog amplifier can provide. Paired with a matching Onkyo pre-pro unit, the PA-MC5501’s nine channels and bi-amping capability offer extraordinary set-up flexibility to bring you the ultimate in THX® Ultra2™-certified surround sound.



Number of channels 9 channel
Power (W) 220 W/ch při 6 Ω
HDMI (in/out)
THX Ultra2+, XLR & cinch
HD decoders of sound
Automatic calibration
Bi-Amp yes
Universal Port yes
Processing Video
Other listen zones Zone 3
Network functions yes
RS-232 interface yes

Massive Toroidal Transformer, USB, VGA in, WRAT, VLSC,
Separate Anti-Vibration Panels



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