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CPT Praha s. r. o. is the exclusive distributor for the Czech Republic of the extraordinary product brands Onkyo, Jamo, Klipsch, Spectral, Just-Racks, Real Cable, Piega and Scandyna.

Founded in 1991, CPT Praha immediately made its mark by significant contribution to the early success of Sony Europe and later Panasonic Eastern Europe on the Czechoslovak and later Czech market, until the Czech branches Sony Czech and Panasonic Czech were established.

During its more than 20 years of existence on the Czech market, CPT Praha has built a solid position as a wholesale distributor of consumer electronics, always relying on its close personal contacts to its partners in retail, whether they are large chain stores, e-shops or independent resellers. Currently the company has around 80 authorized and more than 100 unauthorized dealers. Since 1997 CPT Praha has been the exclusive distributor of the products of the Danish brand Jamo, one of the largest producer of loudspeakers worldwide, with its wide range of classic as well as built-in loudspeakers. Two years later the company became the exclusive distributor of the Japanese brand Onkyo. In 2003 the first contacts were made with the German producer of AV furniture, Spectral, with its wide assortment of styles and colors. A few years later, in 2006, our portfolio expanded with the addition of the Swiss brand Piega, one of the world's finest makers of loudspeakers. Most recently, CPT Praha added the products of the world-renowned American speaker brand Klipsch to its now wide assortment.

CPT Praha has proven its ability as an exclusive distributor not only to introduce new products to the Czech market but to assure their growth and expansion. A number of international awards given to the company by its foreign partners, both producers and suppliers, bear witness to the high quality of work done by the company. In 1999 CPT Praha was honored as Jamo Partner of the Year as best European distributor. The next year, in 2000, the company was named Onkyo Excellent Dealer for its outstanding work, going to win the same company's most prestigious prize awarded in Europe the very next year in 2001 - Onkyo Distributor of the Year for the best European distributor. Three years later CPT Praha was named Jamo Dealer of the Year 2004. An award as Spectral Best Distributor among newly opened markets followed in 2006.

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