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Onkyo PR-RZ5100

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Basic information

Boasting the premium quality assurance of THX® Ultra2 Plus™, the PR-SC5509 is the ultimate conduit for all your music, games, and movies. Whether from a Blu-ray or SACD player, from your PC or the web, from a game console or an iPhone, your entertainment is brought stunningly to life. Eight HDMI® inputs for high-definition formats such as 3D video and lossless audio and an Ethernet jack for home-network audio make system integration a breeze. HDMI terminals, 9.2-channel XLR outs, and stereo XLR inputs are gold-plated for pristine signal transfer. Further evidence of audiophile build quality comes in the form of a customized toroidal transformer, separate audio/video transformers, and an anti-vibration chassis. Processing is also top-notch. For video, an HQV® Vida™ processor and Qdeo™ technology work to eliminate noise and upscale video to eye-popping 4K resolution. On the audio side, Audyssey MultEQ® XT32 and DTS Neo:X™ offer incredible flexibility for creating an immersive room-matching soundstage. Partnered with a high-end 9-channel power amp and surround speakers, the PR-SC5509 keeps the high-quality entertainment flowing.


Number of channels 9.2
Power (W) 220 W/ch at 6 Ω
HDMI (in/out) (8in, 2out)
THX Ultra2+
HD decoders sound DTS Neo:X, D.True HD
Automatic calibration Audyssey MultEQ XT32
Bi-Amp yes
Universal Port yes
Processing Videa HQV Vida, Marvell Qdeo, ISF
Other listen zones Zone 3 (sourced)
Network functions yes
RS-232 interface yes



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