Piega Premium 1.2

Floorstanding spekers
57 000,- / 65 000,- per pair
(maloobchodní cena)
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Basic information

The column loudspeakers of this series are highly popular whilst still offering musical and aesthetic enjoyment. Premium loudspeakers come with the legendary PIEGA LDR ribbon and produce an impressive treble range with a fine, silky and crystal clear sound. The most advanced bass chassis with MDS® technology ensure a full-bodied bass performance. The Premium 7 loudspeaker is even fitted with a separate MDS® midrange. All Premium models impress with tremendous, dynamic musicality, even at very low volume levels. They are used where the space available to the loudspeaker is less than the musical demands placed on them. Premium models with a PIEGA ribbon tweeter are available in a wide range of sizes, from the small 30 cm high compact loudspeaker to the meter high column loudspeaker up to the slim-line 160 cm column loudspeaker. The inclusion in the series of two center loudspeakers in different sizes makes the Premium series particularly attractive to multi-channel lovers.


Systém regálová, 2 - pásmová
Výkon (W) 20 - 150
Citlivost (db/W/m) 89
Impedance (Ω) 4
Frekvence(Hz) 40 -50 000
Woofer 2 13cm MDS bass
Tweeter 1 LDR tweeter
Připojení WBT
Rozměry (H x W x D)             
31 x 19 x 21 cm
Hmotnost (kg) 7
Provedení aluminum, black anodized aluminum, white lacquer


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