Piega Premium Center Large

Floorstanding speakers
49 000,- / 54 000,- per piece
(maloobchodní cena)
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Basic information

A center speaker is indispensable for the spoken word in any surround sound system. The requirements here are for clear, distinct and authentic sound.We recommend choosing the center from the same series as the loudspeakers in order to ensure an ideal match of the sound properties with the loudspeakers.


Systém center, 2.5 - pásmová
Výkon (W) 20 - 200
Citlivost (db/W/m) 91
Impedance (Ω) 4
Frekvence(Hz) 40 -50 000
Woofer 2 13 cm MDS bass
Tweeter 1 LDR tweeter
Připojení WBT
Rozměry (H x W x D)
19 x 61 x 21 cm
Hmotnost (kg) 12
Provedení aluminum/ black anodized aluminum, white lacquer


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