Podspeakers continues to impress HiFi enthusiasts with their unique design and impressive sound. What surprises most people is the fact that they were designed back in 1990 by a group of developers who were given the task of creating a set of untraditional speakers. The goal was to develop a high quality speaker with a unique design that people could afford to buy, and the result was astonishing – the Minipod series was born.

Innovation and quality

In 1996, Scandyna – headed by Danish HiFi's grand old man Peter Hasselriis – was appointed agent and became responsible for marketing the speakers. Since then, there has been an increasing focus on product development, innovation and quality.

With approximately two launches a year, Scandyna has continuously developed the product line over the last decade. The latest addition is the iPod docking station named “the v dock” and the astonishing loudspeaker named “the drop”.


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