27 000,- per piece

  As a leading supplier of high-performance cinema speaker systems, Klipsch knows how to make the most out of film soundtracks and surround effects. The Klipsch KL-650-THX LCR loudspeaker brings that knowledge to the comforts of home. As part of the THX Ultra2 family, this LCR reveals all the raw power and fine detail that the filmmakers originally ...

Klipsch KL-650-THX
22 000,- per piece

  By using the same research and development used to create itsprofessional cinema systems, Klipsch has developed the KL-525-THX LCR loudspeaker to create real theater-style sound in the comforts of home. As part of the THX® Ultra2 family, this LCR reproduces all the passion that the filmmakers originally intended. Sealed enclosure Top-of-the-line internal wiring Dual 5.25-inch Cerametallic™ woofers 1-inch titanium diaphragm compression ...

Klipsch KL-525-THX
18 000,- per piece

  As part of the THX® Ultra2 family, the KS-525-THX surround loudspeaker with Klipsch Wide Dispersion Surround Technology™ (WDST) brings a new dimension of reality to home theater by using the same high-performance technology as the Klipschprofessional cinema systems. Two 5.25-inch Cerametallic™ woofers Dual 5-inch square Tractrix® Horn tweeters Top-of-the-line internal wiring The KS-525-THX produces a smooth, seamless, broad distribution of sound ...

Klipsch KS-525-THX
37 000,- per piece

  The world's finest theater operators choose Klipsch cinema systems because they deliver the full impact of the most intense action movie soundtracks without sacrificing musical definition. When designing the KW-120-THX subwoofer, Klipsch applied its theater experience to bring the same powerful, deep-driving bass to the comforts of home. 12-inch, long-throw Cerametallic™ driver Front-firing port Top-of-the-line internal wiring  

Klipsch KW-120-THX
37 000,- per piece

  The KA-1000-THX subwoofer amplifier is the powerful driving force behind the new Klipsch THX® Ultra2 system. This model offers rock-solid dependability under the most demanding conditions and allows listeners to experience all the power, detail and emotion of their favorite music and movies. Delivers 1000-watts into a 4 ohm load Can support two high performance subwoofers Finished in black with ...

Klipsch KA-1000-THX CE
Jamo Onkyo Spectral Real Cable Klipsch Piega
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