ca reflex

Real Cable CA Reflex/1M00

Audio Stereo RCA
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Basic information

Prestigious audio stereo cable

Very high quality and highly deoxygenated copper (OFC) conductors, strands in 2 different sections (TDC), very strong section cable, quadruple shielding, metallic monoblock plugs withTwistLock®, Rhodium contacts, many available lengths, 2 male RCA plugs / 2 male RCA plugs.

An anti-vibration nylon braid, a braiding of high density mass, an aluminum strip, double FPEinsulator for low capacitive effect and the use of ferrites ensure a foolproof insulation of the signal being transported. TwistLock® plugs made of Rhodium, a silvery white metal known for its hardness greater than gold since it belongs to the platinum metals group, for excellent corrosion resistance and perfect durability. Everything is brought together to provide an
excellent stereo audio connection, which, thanks to the TDC, provides a clear, intelligible and natural sound message. The bass gains in depth and dynamics. The midrange is remarkably open and precise. The treble is very defined and finally the sound image offers an incredible openness.



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